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WV Pool Fall Cleanup and Culture

Fall Cleanup Saturday November 9 (November 16) 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
In addition to a quick reminder that we are having fall cleanup at the pool on Saturday, November 9, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm, with Saturday, November 16 as our rain-date/completion date, I want to take a moment to bring to your attention two exciting cultural events that will be happening soon in the Baltimore area. The first promises to be fun for the entire family! The second will be of interest to many of our Bluefin swimmers:

Beethoven Lives Upstairs – Sunday November 17 at 3:00 pm
In order to introduce young listeners to classical music, fictional stories were developed based on the lives and music of famous composers and recorded in a CD series called CLASSICAL KIDS. Our family enjoyed learning about Mozart, Tchaikovsky and Beethoven while Sarah and James were quite young. "Beethoven Lives Upstairs" tells the story of Ludwig von Beethoven as seen through the eyes of a young boy whose mother operated a boarding house where the composer lived while he wrote and produced the premier of his Ninth Symphony (which includes the "Ode to Joy" chorus in the final movement). Concert Artists of Baltimore will present a live performance of "Beethoven Lives Upstairs" at the Gordon Center for the Performing Arts. Swim team families will be familiar with the venue; it is located at the opposite end of the campus from the pools of the JCC in Owings Mills.

Following is a link to the Concert Artists’ web site with more information about this concert which promises great family entertainment:


Handel’s MESSIAH – Friday Dec. 6 and Saturday Dec. 7, at 7:30 pm
Since 1982, with the exception of one year when the orchestra was out on strike, the BSO has presented performances of Handel’s masterpiece, MESSIAH, each December at the Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall. 2013 marks a new era in this great seasonal tradition as Bluefins swimming coach Sarah Councill joins her parents, Cheryl and Jim, as a member of the chorus that performs "MESSIAH" with the BSO. Cheryl and Jim met while they were singing as members of the former Balimore Symphony Chorus, and Sarah was born in the month following the 1990 performances of MESSIAH. Sarah and James began attending performances of the BSO’s MESSIAH around the time they were in middle school. (This is definitely not a concert for the youngest of listeners.)

Following is a link to the BSO’s web site where you may find more information about this concert by scrolling down the page. MESSIAH is the first concert listed under December, and the photograph of the chorus to the right of this listing features Cheryl positioned near the center of the group and Jim’s shoulder in the upper left corner:


(One editorial note: The photo on the BSO web site is incorrectly captioned as "Concert Artists of Baltimore." It should be called "Concert Artists of Baltimore Symphonic Chorale" which is a group that combines the professional chorus of Concert Artists of Baltimore with former members of the Baltimore Symphony Chorus. This combined chorus has performed MESSIAH with the BSO from the time orchestra management disbanded the Symphony Chorus.)

– – – Looking forward to seeing you for fall cleanup at the pool. Please remember your rakes, tarps, clippers, leaf-blowers and gloves!

– Jim 🙂

Jim Councill
Woodbridge Valley Pool

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