Nov 14

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WV Pool Fall Cleanup The Sequel

Date: Thursday, November 14, 2013


What a successful day! By early afternoon, we were finished with the leaves; and by end of day, we had removed a dead tree, and the play set on the hill looked like a new one (almost) with a fresh coat of stain. The weather was perfect.

Of course by evening, the winds picked up and began to peel off a few more leaves from those stubborn oak trees that seem to never want to let go.

So, for those who missed out on the fun last Saturday (and the sore hands and aching muscles Sunday and Monday), please join us for

WV Pool Fall Cleanup – The Sequel
Saturday, November 16, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

In addition to a last go at the leaves before winter, we would like to make use of a recent acquisition of mulch. So, be sure to bring your gardening gloves, rakes, shovels and tarps. We would like to remove the weeds from the flower beds and place mulch in a healthy blanket to discourage early growth of weeds in the spring.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

– Jim 🙂
Jim Councill
Woodbridge Valley Pool

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