May 06

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Cleanup Day Appears will be RAINY at WV Pool


Whatever the weather, Jim will be at the pool on Saturday! There are a few items of work he hopes to accomplish, rain or shine, this weekend. However, …..

The forecast looks disappointing for those of us who are unavailable to help with pool cleanup next weekend. FOR CERTAIN, we will need your help on Saturday, May 14. There is much to get ready, so please join us anytime NEXT SATURDAY, 9 AM – 3 PM for Cleanup Day at the pool. Bring your gloves, your rakes, your gardening trowel, your pruning shears, your debris tarps, your powerwasher and hose – – – whatever helps around home will help around the pool.

Luckily, our fall cleanup leaves us in pretty good shape, but there is still much to accomplish.

Jim Councill
Woodbridge Valley Pool

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