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Volunteer Roles

Swim meets are a lot of fun. A meet runs best when there are plenty of willing volunteers. There are a variety of jobs that need to be supported to run a meet. Please try to help out and volunteer for one (or many) of the roles listed below during the season. It is important to have a lot of volunteers so that the same folks are not expected to do the job every time.

If all the jobs are filled for a particular meet, please try to support those who are working by volunteering at an upcoming meet.

Certain roles are required at all swim meets. Others are only required for home meets.  First, we’ll describe the roles that are required at all swim meets:

Clerk of course (2 people)

– using a list, organize the swimmers.  Line them up directing them to appropriate seat locations according to lane assignment by event for each heat of the swim meet found in the program.  When scoring cards are used, distribute the cards to the swimmers.

Stroke and turn judges (1 person/ 2 people per meet)

– attend pre-season training clinic and/or watch training video, observe swimmers during competition and record disqualifications as necessary

Timers (9 people per shift/ 18 total per meet)

– using a stopwatch, measure and record the times for each event, attend training at the start of each swim meet, time swimmers in assigned lane, write swimmers times on card or heat sheet, allow the officials to record disqualifications (when they occur), hand results to the runner

Head timer (1 person)

– tests all watches, organizes timers (training, distributes watches, lane assignments), collects watches at conclusion of meet

Runner (2 people)

– transport swimmers’ cards/heat sheets from timers to scoring table

Scoring Table Workers (3 people)

Scoring of the swim meet takes place at the scoring table.  Volunteers receive the data of the events from the runner and use the data to determine the results of each event.  Swimmers are ranked according to their times, and awards are prepared for each event, based on the results.  The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place swimmers score points for the team in each event.  A computer program performs the calculations and provides a print-out of the results.  The table workers input the data to the program and then use the output results to prepare awards (ribbons/trophies) to be given to the swimmers. Ribbons are awarded to swimmers from both teams for every event.

Head Table Worker (1 person)

The Head Table Worker oversees all activities required to score the meet and prepare awards (ribbons/trophies).  In days prior to the meet, in consultation with the coaches, the meet entries of each swimmer are prepared.  The night before the meet, the meet entries are exchanged with the home team, and the morning of the meet, the meet entries are used to prepare the seeding for all of the events.  The seeding produces a program for the meet that is distributed to coaches, officials, the announcer and the clerk of course. Based on this program, the swim meet proceeds.  During the meet, data recorded by the timers must be entered into the computer for scoring.  The results must be printed and awards prepared for the swimmers from both teams for every event.  When the swim meet concludes, the results must be attested to by the official, and then they are reported to the league and to the other teams in our division.  Needless to say this is a big job!

Now we will describe roles that only apply to our home swim meets:

Announcer (1 person)

– runs the meet, announces when swimmers are to report to clerk of course, announces each event by number and name of event, make public service announcements, as needed

Snackbar Coordinator (1 Person)

– shops for food items, sets up tables and cash box for meet, organizes helpers and food donations

Snackbar Workers (4-5 People)

– set up snack bar prior to swim meet, organize food table for breakfast and lunch items, sell food items, clean up

Grill (1-2 people)

– grills hotdogs and hamburgers

Set up for home meets (4-5 people)

– set up benches and chairs for clerk of course area, set up backstroke flags and lane lines, set up ribbon table and snack bar tables, set up starting blocks

Clean up (4-5 people)

– following swim meet – return chairs and tables to appropriate locations, pick up trash, remove diving blocks and return them to storage in the shed, extend umbrellas, store lane lines and flags

Finally, two volunteer roles whose work takes place away from swim meets:

Fundraising (1 person)

– coordinates fundraising efforts

Friday night pot luck (1 person)

– organizes Friday night potlucks at the pool

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