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How to Join & Pay Online

Joining Woodbridge Valley Pool is simple. Select the membership type of your choice, complete the application form, and send it to us in the mail along with your check.  We will follow up with you once we receive those things, and you will be eligible to swim right away!

After your first season, you may opt to pay online with PayPal each spring, using the page below.

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Non-Vested Membership

Put a splash of fun in your summer at the WOODBRIDGE VALLEY POOL! New Non-vested Memberships are Available! You and your family can enjoy an entire season of fun at the pool for just $444! The Woodbridge Valley Pool is a members-only pool and all members must possess a bond, either through rental or ownership. …

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Vested Membership

The Woodbridge Valley Pool is a members-only pool and all members must be bond owners, with the exception of those who rent a bond for the season. The current price for a WVP bond is $250.00.We offer two levels of pool membership: the family membership and the single/dual membership. The family membership covers all permanent …

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Dues Totals & PayPal Link

In order to compare the costs of our various membership options, we have prepared the following summary. Membership levels vary based on the number of persons in your household.   A Single/Dual Membership applies to a household in which one or two residents are members of the pool.  A Family Membership includes three or more …

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