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Dues Totals & PayPal Link

In order to compare the costs of our various membership options, we have prepared the following summary. Membership levels vary based on the number of persons in your household.   A Single/Dual Membership applies to a household in which one or two residents are members of the pool.  A Family Membership includes three or more persons from a household.  Our least expensive option for a single season is the Non-Vested Membership. The total cost for Non-Vested Membership includes an annual fee for bond rental. Those who plan to return to the pool can save money over several seasons by purchasing a pool bond, which reduces the annual cost in subsequent years.


Please Note: Choosing the “Buy Now” options below will cost slightly more than paying by check due to a PayPal convenience fee. That fee is included in the amount you will pay when you select any of the “Buy Now” options listed



Non-Vested Membership Dues

Single/Dual Pool Membership Dues $292
One-Year, Renewable Bond Rental $50
Total cost for household of one or two people to swim all summer $342
Family Annual Pool Membership Dues $394
One-Year, Renewable Bond Rental $50
Total cost for family to swim all summer $444


Vested Bond Holder Membership Dues

Bond (one time purchase) $250
Single/Dual Annual Membership Dues $315
Family Annual Membership Dues $420

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